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Interview with Greg Gurel

In our blog this month, we feature an interview with one of our cherished Rhodes Instructors, Greg Gurel. 
Our instructors receive special training in experiential teaching methods. These methods make learning a fun and exciting activity. 
Q. What do you teach?
A. Life skills Coaching and Group Leadership for 2nd year students
Q. What is the best part of your job?
A. Helping to facilitate and witnessing people (including myself) have realizations (ah ha moments) and the subsequent behaviour changes that help them grow mentally, physically and spiritually
Q. What is your background?
A. My teaching background goes way, way back. It all started with being raised by a mother who was/is unbelievably curious. Following her lead, I began to notice that my own curiosity was strongest when it came to understanding the human condition and particularly relationships. In my early teens I became a certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. This was the start of my official teaching path. The Red Cross was an amazing organization to be affiliated with and the teacher training was outstanding and all experiential – the best for me! As the years progressed, it seemed no matter what I was doing, sooner or after I would end up teaching, training or just being the go to person when it came to helping people. I realized it was time to get more formally trained. Since my training, I now teach at Rhodes College and other institutions and have my own private practice as a Counsellor. 
Q. What is it like working at Rhodes College?
A. Imagine this…an inner city, sidewalks full of suits and tattered attire, people walking everywhere talking on cell phones, staring at the ground, honking cars, and thwarted little trees trying to grow out of holes in concrete….then up and elevator and through the doors to a different world, a place based on compassion and support. That is what working at Rhodes is like for me. 
Q. Why do you choose to work at Rhodes College
A. Simple answer: Because I have been given the freedom to show up as I am, teach as I am, and be all that I can be without needing to join the army.
Q. What is the most difficult part of your job?
A. Two things: A semester that is only 3 months long – so just when I am really starting to get to know people, they move on, and the constant challenge of being self-aware and relational so student experience me integrated and practicing what I preach!
Q. Why would someone want to come to this school?
A. One can have all the theory and thoughts in the world, but without the experience of integrating these into everyday life it only serves as muse to the mind. In addition to the solid academic curriculum, Rhodes College’s experiential approach helps prepare the students on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level to take charge of their own life and live how they want, and not how they think they should. 
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