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Rhodes College hosts 3rd Annual Speed Coaching Event
Life Coaching is one thing. Speed Coaching takes it to another level. 
We have all heard of Speed Dating. We spend some time with a potential mate and the bell rings and we move on to the next person in the room. Speed Coaching has been developed along the same model. 
Do you need help finding that dream relationship, dream career or just… dream? Here is an opportunity to work with some of Vancouver’s wonderful Life Coaches – for free. 12 Coaches will be available in ten minute sessions. You can discuss the same thing several times or bring several issues, problems or goals and get some great feedback and fun at the same time. This is also an opportunity to check out the field. 
Life Coaching, a relatively new industry, has virtually exploded since it’s inception in the 1990’s. A life coach is distinct from a counselor in that a coach helps you set goals and move forward in your life. A counselor is skilled at assisting you to look at the past issues and blocks that prevent you from moving forward. If you are a positive and optimistic person, interested in personal/spiritual growth, then this field might be just right for you.