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What Is a Rhodes Wellness College Education Like During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses and institutions to some degree, and schools are most certainly among them. Rhodes Wellness College has developed a plan to help students pursue their studies during the crisis, as well as help them maximize their ability as coaches and counsellors to help others in times of need, such as this one. Despite the challenges and uncertainties that the ongoing pandemic has presented, Rhodes Wellness College remains committed to helping students further their career development and is positioned to help its students and the communities its student work in more than ever before.

With live-streaming classes taking place via Zoom for all of its students studying both in its full-time and part-time programs, Rhodes Wellness College is protecting students’ safety and opening up opportunities for its students to help individuals around the world as its students become adept at virtual counselling and coaching clients regardless of how much distance is between them. Here’s what students at Rhodes Wellness College can expect from their education during the pandemic.

How Rhodes Wellness College Students Continue Their Classes During the Crisis

Rhodes Wellness College was one of the first post-secondary colleges in B.C. to move its full-time classes online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rhodes Wellness College has over 10 years of experience offering online classes, and five years experience utilizing Zoom. This has made the transition a smoother one than for many colleges and universities. Having offered online coaching and counselling training in a part-time format six hours per week for several years, the majority of our faculty are comfortable teaching online. Students receive live instruction and interact with fellow students as they collaborate in large and small groups and participate in discussions. Classes continue to maintain the interaction, hands-on exercises, and high-quality education Rhodes Wellness College is known for.

Zoom is also a means for counsellors, coaches, and other mental health professionals to provide their services to clients remotely. At a time where mental health concerns are being exacerbated by the pandemic, graduates who are comfortable using online platforms will be ready to provide much-needed assistance. During this time of isolation mental health issues, addiction, abuse and other issues individuals fight are on the rise. Professional coaches and counsellors are in more demand than ever before.

Classes at Rhodes Wellness College will take place online via Zoom

How Students Can Prepare Themselves for Classes Going Forward

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a significant disruption to everyday life, there are steps students can take to help them ease into their online counselling therapist training. For example, it is important for students to have a device at home with a camera that is capable of letting them speak into a microphone and listen to audio. Such devices include a computer, iPad, Notepad, or laptop. It can also be beneficial for new students to set up a designated study space at home for when they take their online lessons. Setting up a study routine can also help to establish a consistent study schedule and alleviate problems with procrastination. Taking care of personal health through ensuring regular meal breaks and going for walks are all strategies that can ensure students can remain engaged and really benefit from online learning. Of course the convenience of studying from home means less preparation time and saves countless hours spent travelling to and from school for most students.

Instructors will speak to students face-to-face in a live-stream format

Rhodes Wellness College is also there to support students. New incoming students are provided with informative online orientations, insightful online student workshops, and participate in engage in virtual online student activities. With practice the platform and technology takes a needed back seat to learning as students develop relationships, skills, and undergo tremendous change as they work on their personal emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Using an immersive live streaming format, school faculty teach and interact with their students, and are able to share videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other media. They can even utilize break-out rooms to allow pairs of students to work on individual skills- and they can move in and out of the break-out rooms to provide individual attention needed so that students can improve their skills. This experience emulates a real-world classroom on-campus as students study 4.5 hours per day Monday to Friday.

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