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Why Should I Study for My Professional Counsellor Diploma at Rhodes College?

Prospective students ask many of the same questions.
Q. What kinds of work can I get when I complete your program? 
A. The work opportunities are varied. In addition to your Professional Counsellor Certification, you are also trained and certified as a Life Coach, a Life skills Coach, and a Wellness Counsellor. Each of these job titles create opportunities for employment.
As a Professional Counsellor you can:
Register with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association (www.cpca-rpc.ca) and begin your own private practice.
Provide individual and group Counselling for a variety of clients in the areas of substance abuse, families and couples, youth, sexual abuse and trauma, and employment.
Provide counselling and life coaching from a holistic perspective, incorporating aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness into your practice
Design and develop your own program for use in a community setting or to provide in a workshop format for individuals interested in self-development in the area of Lifestyle Management.
Create lesson plans and teach life skills (problem solving and relationship building) to disadvantaged groups in the community. These include youth, individuals in recovery, people in transition, corrections, and many other groups.
Q. I thought you needed a Masters Degree to be a Counsellor. 
A. There are many excellent counsellors registered across Canada who do not have the resources or the interest to attend a University program. These counsellors have undergone training and passed exams which measure their abilities. Competency based counsellors learn concrete skills over abstract thinking. This highly practical approach to counsellor education and certification allows talented individuals who may not otherwise gain entry into the helping professions to practice.. In Canada, there are at least two organizations who register competency based counsellors. These are the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.     In other words, when you graduate from the Professional Counsellor Diploma program at Rhodes College, all you have to do is pass your qualifying exam and pay your membership dues and you can become a registered professional counsellor in Canada. 
Q. Does Rhodes College help me get a job when I complete my program?
A. We have a Career Services Coordinator available to help you find employment. Although we do not guarantee employment, we will assist you with job leads, concrete information on setting up your practice, help you prepare for your exams, and much more. We have a supervised student clinic run by second year students. Any client you receive through the clinic is your own. Your success is our success and we will do our best to help you find the type of employment you desire. Most counsellors charge anywhere between $60.00 to $80.00 per hour to begin and many experienced counsellors charge up to $120.00 per hour. We can assist you with setting your rates and creating your intake forms. If you wish to work as a coach or counsellor for an agency, we will assist you to target your job search in your area of interest.
Q. What is experiential learning and how is the training different at Rhodes College?
A. Experiential learning is in essence, learning by doing. Your education is very much “hands on”. You will be spending much of your time learning and practicing the skills you will need in the field. Classes are interactive and fun. The training at Rhodes College is holistic in nature, in that we believe strongly in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self and working with people from that perspective. You also have an opportunity to heal any past issues you may have experienced. Deep connections are made and your experience is powerful and transformative.
Q. Do you have part time and on-line options? 
A. Yes. Our Life Coach Certificate program is available on line.   The program is offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 and begins September 29th. The Life Skills Counselling program is also available on a part time basis. Contact admissions@rhodescollege.ca for more information.
Q. When does the next program begin? How do I register?
A. All of our full time programs begin on September 22nd 2014. To apply, you must complete an application package and book a personal interview available in person or through Skype. As seats for September classes fill quickly, you are advised to have your application process completed by the end of July.
Q. How do I find out more?
A. Contact one of our admissions staff at admissions@rhodescollege.ca or call us at 604-708-4416604-708-4416604-708-4416604-708-4416 to book a free, no obligation personal admissions assessment.   You can start your new career this year! 
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