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Workplace Madness??

Many times we have had people come to our college suffering the effects of workplace sickness.  Our work should be a place where we get to express ourselves and use our creative talents.  Many times, people quit perfectly good jobs because of problems with the climate of their workplace.

When most people hear of “workplace wellness” they presume we are talking about ergonomics or smoking cessation programs.  Modern workplace wellness goes way beyond this. Workplace wellness today looks at the entire workplace – from ergonomics and aesthetics to the psychological culture. 

It can take one person in a workplace to have everyone else in a state of distress.  We call these people workplace bullies.  My husband calls them “mood monsters”.   The mood monster is the person who may be happy and cheerful one day, and then the next, in a foul mood and we tiptoe past their office.  Left unchecked, (because even management is afraid to intervene), they can control the entire culture of the workplace, keeping everyone on edge. 

For many people, their workplace becomes a second home and workmates can become good friends.  If the climate in their “home” is unhealthy, they suffer the effects.  This manifests in employee dissatisfaction, more sick time and general lower productivity.

Workplace Wellness is a growing field.  A workplace wellness specialist goes into your organization and analyzes your company from a holistic perspective.  We look at your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual environments.  We complete a needs assessment and come up with a plan to improve the culture in your workplace. 

Workplace Wellness programs can be inexpensive and incredibly powerful. Twice per year second year students at Rhodes College will, under supervision, review an organization and complete a detailed needs assessment and propose some inexpensive changes. 

To have your organization considered for this project, contact us at 604-708-4416 or email me at bea@rhodescollege.ca

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