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Helping Clients Overcome Feelings of Loneliness During Your Therapist Career

Earlier this year, the UK appointed its first Minister of Loneliness—a response to the 2017 commission that found ‘worryingly high’ levels of loneliness among Britons. While considered a public relations move by some, others saw the appointment as an opportunity to address the ‘loneliness...
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Addressing the Canadian Opioid Crisis: What Students in Addictions Counsellor Training Need to Know

Earlier this month, Health Canada implemented a new policy requiring a warning label on all opioid prescriptions (CBC News, 2018). The labels, which alert those taking a prescription drug to the dangers of opioid addiction, are intended to mitigate the Canadian opioid crisis, which has claimed over...
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Rhodes Wellness College Partner Spotlight: Coast Mental Health

On the first day of her practicum with Coast Mental Health, Rhodes graduate Jill Cherewyk was encouraged to build client connections right away. “The number one priority was for me to just move in and make a connection with the clients” Jill recalls, “that was a very good sign for me”...
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Teaching Clients About Intrinsic Motivation After Certified Life Coach Training

In a 1975 experiment, psychologist Edward Deci found that university students who were paid to do an interesting puzzle devoted less free time and interest to the task than their unpaid peers did. The experiment, which has since been replicated and adapted to the workplace, was an early exploration...
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