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3 Important Components of Any Life Coach Training Course

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A diploma from a professional life coaching program can come with many benefits. Not only does it mark the beginning of a fresh and rewarding career, but it can also act as an important quality guarantee for employers. In fact, many employers seek out graduates of Rhodes Wellness College specifically, because of the hands-on skills our students have developed throughout their studies.

There are many different components that come together to create a stand-out life coach training program. From a curriculum that is constantly updated to reflect new industry changes, to a wealth of resources and support services for students, there are many aspects of Rhodes Wellness College’s life coaching program that make it truly exceptional.

Here are just some of the components important to a life coaching program.

1. Caring and Expert Instructors Are an Important Part of a Top Life Coach Training Course

Working as a life coach will give you the opportunity to help clients manage habits, develop essential life skills, and feel more fulfilled as they make powerful changes in their lives (Lifecoach, 2016). It can be an emotionally gratifying career, and the work that you do will be as interesting and diverse as the many clients you meet.

To prepare yourself for this role, it’s important to learn your craft from experts. Professionals who have worked in the field will be able to demonstrate the hands-on skills life coaches need to thrive, and can provide helpful context for the material covered in class.

The instructors at colleges like Rhodes Wellness College all fit this description. Not only are they caring experts who provide their students with insight on everything from coaching techniques to how to set up their own coaching business, but they are also seasoned life coaches themselves. Many instructors have their very own practices, where they continue to coach clients and adapt to current industry practices. For any student who wants to study life coaching, the care and guidance offered by expert instructors can make all the difference.

2. Stand-Out Life Coach Training Courses Include a Counselling Component

Effective life coaching can encourage clients to make lasting, positive changes to their lifestyle. For some clients, though, existing stressors can present considerable obstacles to self-improvement. Some may struggle with troubling thoughts, anxiety, or other difficult circumstances that prevent them from making positive steps forward (Counselling Directory, 2011).

For that reason, another very important component of any life coach training course is counselling training. However, very few life coaching courses include counselling training in their curriculum. The presence of this important yet often overlooked component is often the sign of a stand-out program, and is one of the reasons why many students choose to complete their life coaching diploma at Rhodes Wellness College.

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Great life coach programs will teach you to counsel clients through difficulty

3. An Experiential Learning Model Is an Important Component of Life Coach Training

A career as a life coach involves spending a lot of time building relationships with the clients you work with. It involves asking them questions, offering suggestions, assisting them in navigating setbacks, and more. It’s a dynamic career, and as such, it’s important to choose a training program that will take that into account when preparing you for the workplace.

This is why an experiential learning model, like the one offered at Rhodes Wellness College, can be so valuable to students. Experiential learning actively engages students, helping them make discoveries by examining their own experiences and feelings (Schwartz, n.d.). This provides a much more hands-on and in-depth approach than traditional lectures and readings, allowing for students to make a smooth transition into their careers.

Becoming a life coach can be exceptionally rewarding, and can change lives. Learning under the guidance of industry veterans, and choosing a program that offers counselling and hands-on training, will let you develop the skills you’ll need to make a difference in the lives of your future clients.

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