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Accreditations: What do They Mean for Your Life Coach Career?

A lack of regulation in the life coach industry means that anyone can offer coaching services, and anyone can claim to be a life coach. Attempting to make inroads into the profession without a top-quality education, however, can prove difficult if not impossible. Clients often won’t trust a life...
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The Secrets to Building Effective Client Relationships During Your Life Coach Career

A successful life coach career is contingent on the establishment of a trusting and respectful relationship between the coach and their clients (Monroe, 2015). Without trust and rapport between client and life coach, it can be difficult—if not impossible—for coaches to help their clients create...
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How to Put Your Life Coach Training to Work with a Practicum Placement

Experiential learning allows students to take theoretical concepts and apply them to challenging simulated or real-world situations. This process of ‘learning by doing’ allows students to develop work-ready skills so that they can make a seamless transition into their careers. It’s why top...
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Want to Study Life Coaching? Here’s What Relationship Coaches Do

The need for relationship coaching has never been more prevalent; 70,000 marriages end in divorce every year in Canada, which amounts to approximately 33 per cent of all first marriages (Feldstein Family Law Group, 2016). In addition, that number is growing year over year (Feldstein Family Law...
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3 Important Components of Any Life Coach Training Course

A diploma from a professional life coaching program can come with many benefits. Not only does it mark the beginning of a fresh and rewarding career, but it can also act as an important quality guarantee for employers. In fact, many employers seek out graduates of Rhodes Wellness College...
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Considering Life Coaching School? 3 Qualities Exhibited by Great Life Coaches

According to a recent survey, there are approximately 64,100 professionals who performed life coaching worldwide (International Coach Federation, 2016). This includes both professionals who incorporate life coaching skills into their day-to-day work, and also individuals for whom life coaching is a...
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