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5 Ways to Know You’re Suited to Become a Professional Counsellor

Professional counsellors are people with purpose. They have chosen to dedicate their lives to helping others heal and grow. From physical health to mental, emotional, and even spiritual wellbeing, these professionals work to make each of their communities a brighter, warmer place.

Every life coach, wellness counsellor, and certified counselling practitioner begins as a novice. However, even the most beginner students display certain key character traits that suggest wellness counselling is their ideal career path.

Are you considering a career in counselling, but second-guessing whether you’re cut out for the challenge? Chances are, you’ve already got the raw skills and motivation you need to succeed.

Read on for five ways to know you’re suited to become a professional counsellor:

1. You Enjoy Forming Meaningful Connections with People

If you love connecting with people on a genuine, personal level, counselling might be right for you.

Counsellors interact with people from all walks of life – sharing support, offering guidance, and taking an active interest in their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

You may already be good at ‘reading people.’ You may thrive in intimate social environments, like small classes and face-to-face encounters. You may be curious, imaginative, and highly empathetic – able to see situations from other peoples’ points-of-view.

With professional counselling training, you can refine and channel these natural abilities into a truly productive and rewarding career.

2. You Know Professional Counsellors Don’t Have to be Perfect

Wellness is a lifelong commitment. Recognizing you’re not there yet is a sign that you’re ready to start. Great counsellors know that nobody’s lives are perfect, not even their own.

Once you start your program, you’ll learn through a hands-on experiential approach. According to Rhodes Wellness College instructor Greg Gurel, “the experiential approach helps prepare the students on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level to take charge of their own lives.”

The process of self-discovery and improvement is all part of the journey toward ultimately, helping clients do the same. In this way, what you currently perceive as weaknesses could become your greatest source of strength and insight.

3. You’re Ready for a More Professionally Rewarding Career

In today’s marketplace, professional counsellor job security starts with high quality training from a reputable college. The right school will even help you find your ‘counselling niche’ – your most lucrative and effective corner of the market.

Rhodes Wellness College has been developing capable and successful graduates for almost 20 years. And each year, between 80 and 95 per cent of Rhodes students secure jobs in health and wellness within eight weeks after graduation.

With a diploma from a recognized college, you can find secure employment in a variety of vibrant workplaces – from wellness retreats to government-funded health centers to private counselling offices and beyond.

4. You’re Always Looking for New Ways to Grow

You’re suited to become a counsellor if you’re excited to follow a path of continuous growth.

Counsellor training offers many challenges and opportunities. You will develop your inner self and enrich your own life, earn certification, and go on to attain designation from the Canadian Professional Counsellors Alliance – which will offer you further professional development opportunities to help you climb even higher in the field.

Many certified counselling grads now own and run their own wellness centres, and some even travel around the globe giving talks, workshops, and consultations. With the right training, the sky’s the limit.

5. You Want to Become a Counsellor to Help Others & Give Back

Are you’re passionate about helping others find happiness? Have you seen potential in someone who can’t see it in themselves? An innate desire to help others find fulfillment drives today’s best wellness counsellors.

“I feel I am truly making a difference,” says Rhodes graduate Tracy Moulaison, “and have the skills to take care of myself in the process.”

Rhodes graduate Nat Perry also sought counsellor training because she wanted to be “a positive change-maker” in her “life and community.”

With the right training, she made it happen. Like Nat, you too can develop the leadership skills that transform your giving nature into a powerful force for change.

Are you interested in pursuing a professional counselling diploma?

Visit Rhodes Wellness College for more information or to speak with an advisor.

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