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Accreditations: What do They Mean for Your Life Coach Career?

Life Coaching Colleges With ICF Accreditation Offer a High Level of Training

A lack of regulation in the life coach industry means that anyone can offer coaching services, and anyone can claim to be a life coach. Attempting to make inroads into the profession without a top-quality education, however, can prove difficult if not impossible. Clients often won’t trust a life coach who isn’t certified, as “Certification gives coaches legitimacy in the field” (Thompson, L., n.d.). More importantly, colleges with the right accreditation provide the in-depth training that life coaches need to navigate the responsibilities of the profession. Therefore, accreditations are one of the most important elements prospective students should search for when choosing a college and program.

There are many different accreditations that can demonstrate a college’s commitment to quality education, including the following:

  • Private Training Institutions Branch
  • BC – Education Quality Assurance Designated
  • British Columbia Career College Association
  • Better Business Bureau

However, while these accreditations are important indicators of quality, a truly stand-out college will have additional industry-specific accreditations as well. Here are some of the accreditations prospective students should search for, as well as the benefits they offer.

Life Coaching Colleges With ICF Accreditation Offer a High Level of Training

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is an internationally recognized organization known for offering accreditations that serve as valuable guidelines for quality of education. For this reason, it is essential that students seek out institutions offering programs accredited with the Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF). This accreditation offers students the opportunity to apply for the valuable Associate Certified Coach designation after graduation.

For students, completing a program accredited with the ICF’s ACSTH will involve more than 30 hours of training and five monitored coaching sessions at a life coaching college (International Coach Federation, n.d.). Many of the top colleges offering life coach training, like Rhodes Wellness College, build their curricula around meeting and even surpassing the requirements outlined by the ICF’s ACSTH, ensuring that any student who completes their training receives a top-quality education. This level of experience easily sets certified professionals apart from those who enter life coaching without honing their craft in a guided and monitored setting—an important advantage, given that there are approximately tens of thousands of coaches around the world (Life Coach Training Institute, n.d.).

Accredited programs guarantee a high quality of training

Accredited programs guarantee a high quality of training

The Canadian Professional Counsellor Association Offers Many Advantages

Life coaching is perhaps best described as a profession and process built around facilitating self-discovery and empowerment in clients. For many, this can mean addressing personal concerns in addition to mapping out career goals. In fact, approximately 76 percent of life coaches have assisted clients with personal issues (Coutu & Kauffman, 2009). For this reason, developing counselling skills can be essential for aspiring life coaches. Those who intend to approach their life coach career seriously, and who wish to offer the most benefit to their clients, know there is no overstating the power this benefit can offer.

However, despite the overwhelming need for life coaches skilled in basic counselling, few life coaching colleges offer this necessary training. In addition, even if a student finds a program that includes counselling courses, it can be difficult to be sure of the quality of the training provided.

Fortunately, some colleges that offer life coaching programs also offer professional counselling programs, and as a result are Associate Members of the Canadian Professional Counsellor Association. This designation demonstrates a high commitment to providing quality counselling training for all students. In fact, at Rhodes Wellness College the Basic Counselling course included in the Professional Counsellor Diploma program is also included in the Life Coach Diploma program, meaning that students benefit from the same expert instructors and carefully designed curriculum when learning the foundations of counselling. Together, these important advantages provide students with the skills and qualifications necessary to find success as professional life coaches.

Are you looking for an accredited institution to attend to study life coaching?

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