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Is Coaching Your Calling? Life Coach Professionals Explain Why They Chose their Career

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People from all walks of life become professional counsellors and life coaches. The right coaching programs are suitable for anyone with a genuine passion for self-reflection, self-exploration, and personal growth.

At Rhodes Wellness College, most graduates are fueled by a passion that has been sparked by their own unique background. Here are some examples of why Rhodes graduates choose to pursue the life coaching path.

Finding More Meaningful Career Paths Through Certified Life Coach Training

Many life coaches begin their working lives in occupations unrelated to counselling, coaching, or wellness. For example, Rhodes graduate Kimberley Way chose to pursue life coaching after over 20 years of work in administrative management, human resources, and more. She now runs a coaching business called Sharpsword Openheart, which she feels is much more meaningful.

“Sharpsword Openheart is representative of my values in action,” Kim explains. “Tapping into my own life experiences, I’m able to connect with people on a deeper level.”

Rhodes graduate Christel Lindemann’s reasons for choosing this path are similar:

“Having worked as a makeup artist and hairdresser for many years in both film, TV, and within the fashion industry, I felt spiritually inclined to venture into a profession where I felt I could make a more direct difference,” she says.

If you find yourself in an unfulfilling career, you may be motivated to become a life coach like Kim and Christel. Working in an alternative career is an asset to your coaching practice.

“I am grateful for my years in these careers as they brought on a wide knowledge and understanding of self-awareness and people,” explains Christel. “It was this awareness and understanding together with curiosity that led me into my chosen path and passion.”

Getting Inspired to Become a Life Coach by Listening to the Voice Within

Sometimes, great candidates are drawn to certified life coach training by intuition. When they encounter the work, they become inspired to pursue paths to coaching counselling and wellness professions.

“Mere words cannot explain how it felt to feel the weight lifted from my shoulders in just the first few sessions with a counsellor,” shares Rhodes graduate Sarah Flynn. “The voice inside of me finally took centre stage and I wanted to become a Counsellor and a Life Coach like nothing I had ever wanted before. For the first time, I was in touch with my passion for life and knew my purpose.”

Rhodes graduate Kira Lynne was also drawn to counselling by intuition:

“I started to feel like something was missing,” she explains. “In my quest to find more purpose and meaning in my career, I realized that I wanted to shift my focus to helping people, something I have always been passionate about. It was at this point where I discovered Rhodes Wellness College.”

Overcoming Personal Tragedy to Become a Life Coach and Make a Difference

Some choose to pursue life coaching after overcoming difficult life obstacles. Upon recognizing the inner strengths, they become inspired to help others overcome obstacles of their own.

Rhodes graduate Amy Huang lost her mother at the age of 10 and moved to Canada from Taiwan shortly thereafter. She says the many challenges she faced taught her to see the “hidden gifts” including growth and self-knowledge. In her words, Amy now works to help others “explore and tap into their own tremendous personal power.”

Rhodes graduate Robert Kakakaway also overcame a difficult upbringing, including horrific time spent in Canada’s Residential School system and its resulting harm to his life and self-worth.

“I went from a warm and loving environment to a lonely cold world where I was called a Pagan and a Heathen,” he explains. “I was angry and I used alcohol to soothe my pain.”

In Life Coach and Wellness Counsellor training, Robert worked hard to improve his personal wellbeing, heal his wounds, and discover his own sense of balance and purpose. “Today, as President of Kakakaway and Associates Consulting, I travel all over Turtle Island and facilitate circle of life teachings,” he explains.

Kira Lynne was inspired to help others by becoming a life coach through Rhodes

Kira Lynne was inspired to help others by becoming a life coach through Rhodes

Do any of these motivations speak to you? Are you interested in becoming a wellness coach?

Visit Rhodes Wellness College to learn more about pursuing this path.

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