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Rhodes Wellness College

Contest Entry #1

For so many years of my life, I asked those questions that I think many people ask themselves, “What is my life all about?”, “Why am I here?” and, “Why do I feel so empty?”

About five years ago, I figured it out. I am here to empower and support others. That is it. Not only is that the meaning of my life, but that is where my purest joy lies.

I have always coached people in a limited extent in my professional and personal life. Mostly as a fitness instructor ( BCRPA since 1993), gym owner ( until I divorced in 2005) and fitness trainer. Teaching physical wellness and nutrition is a passion that I do daily. I also became a certified clinical hypnotherapist in 2009. However, I have not committed to a full time practice, as I feel like I have much more to learn as a whole life coach, to truly change and empower my clients’ lives. Education and learning is another passion of mine and I know whole heartedly, I will still be learning into my nineties!

I believe Rhodes college is the most in depth, empowerment and coaching college campus in the lower mainland and would be honored to learn there.

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