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Contest Entry #5

Currently, I am in the process of making a career transition and am attracted to your programs primarily because I have just completed the Compass Employment Program.  This program is a series of month long workshops that assists job seekers in identifying their unique work purpose through the...
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Contest Entry #4

As I looked at the skills that would be offered participants of this new course (is it new?) I became quite excited as I am currently leading groups and coaching people through my business as a Bio-Feedback Technician and Energy Practitioner. So why would I be interested in taking this course if...
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Contest Entry #3

I am a dancer and lover of life who aspires to inspire discovery, growth and connection in open and creative environments. I have been employed as a mental health support worker in the downtown eastside for more than 4 years. Part of my work involves teaching a weekly program at a women’s...
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Contest Entry #2

It is with exuberance and excitement that I write this letter in hopes of being the recipient of a scholarship to Rhodes Wellness College. I am currently a Teacher’s Assistant, working with students with special needs and learning disabilities. I also assist students who are reluctant learners,...
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Contest Entry #1

For so many years of my life, I asked those questions that I think many people ask themselves, “What is my life all about?”, “Why am I here?” and, “Why do I feel so empty?” About five years ago, I figured it out. I am here to empower and support others. That is it. Not […]
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