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Rhodes Wellness College

Contest Entry #2

It is with exuberance and excitement that I write this letter in hopes of being the recipient of a scholarship to Rhodes Wellness College.

I am currently a Teacher’s Assistant, working with students with special needs and learning disabilities. I also assist students who are reluctant learners, encouraging them to complete small tasks to achieve success. I have a Diploma in Social Services from the University of the Fraser Valley (2008) and have facilitated a program called PATH (planning alternative tomorrows with hope). I coach a cross country team at the high school level and lead exercise boot camps. I continually encourage others to do their best, motivating them to set small goals and achieve them. My dream job would be to encourage people to set realistic goals to live the best life possible for themselves by overcoming self defeating behaviors and attitudes. Although I have the enthusiasm, energy and passion for such a position, I would benefit from improving my facilitation skills in order to be more effective. I hope you will award me one of these prized scholarships. I will work diligently to become the best possible life skills advisor and facilitator of educational and exercise programs.

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