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Contest Entry #4

As I looked at the skills that would be offered participants of this new course (is it new?) I became quite excited as I am currently leading groups and coaching people through my business as a Bio-Feedback Technician and Energy Practitioner.

So why would I be interested in taking this course if I’m already doing this? To improve! I would love to see where a professional can take me. I am largely self-taught – I spent 10 years on a #1 radio show in Vancouver without ever going to broadcasting school – so all of my skills in public speaking, managing group dynamics and facilitating come completely through instinct and intuition.

I particularly found your mention of making presentations at weddings serendipitous as I am a Metaphysical Minister, and with my husband, Paul Scott, a Rhodes Alumni, marry couples regularly and would love to take that presentation to a new level as well.

And finally, 12 weeks spent with a group of intentional people facilitated by a professional intent on honing particular skills is just a yummy prospect in itself!

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