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Contest Entry #6

Presently, as a volunteer with the DTES First United Church, I find myself lacking some essential skills in leading small groups. I support a Spirit Circle on Wednesday nights with singing and prayer, but I’d like to take a more active role. I would also like to expand my participation in developing an addictions/mental health/interfaith type of support circle.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Human Justice and worked with young offenders for several years. I have personal and work-related familiarity with addiction and mental health issues. I have gained valuable experience in overcoming these life challenges. I would like to become more confident in being a leader and more active in helping others, especially at the DTES First United Church. There is so much need for compassionate and supportive people to help ease some of the burden.

I’m passionate about social justice, the power of the creative force and compassion to effect change, and I care about our society especially people at the margins.

I really feel this course would be the perfect opportunity to develop the confidence and skills to make me more effective.

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