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Free Course Contest Winners..

Congrats to all of you! Here is the Winners: # 1 – Nikki James #2 – Jackie Turman, #3 – Stephanie Pintar #4 – Kathie Scott #5 – Nikolina Boreovich and honourable mention goes to: #6 – Ali Lohan #7 – Kate Andrews
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Contest Entry #7

Since 2001, I have been actively involved in social change-based art and cultural initiatives in my neighbourhood. I’ve had opportunities to develop programs, facilitate workshops and coordinate projects and exhibitions. My work focuses on creating long-term sustainable projects that are...
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Contest Entry #6

Presently, as a volunteer with the DTES First United Church, I find myself lacking some essential skills in leading small groups. I support a Spirit Circle on Wednesday nights with singing and prayer, but I’d like to take a more active role. I would also like to expand my participation in...
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