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Contest Entry #7

Since 2001, I have been actively involved in social change-based art and cultural initiatives in my neighbourhood. I’ve had opportunities to develop programs, facilitate workshops and coordinate projects and exhibitions. My work focuses on creating long-term sustainable projects that are accessible and valuable to low-income communities.

The heart of this work is deeply rooted in issues related to health, recovery, community engagement and self-empowerment. I have first hand knowledge of the benefits that come from inclusive creative projects. My dedication to a healthy community is demonstrated both in my work and my daily commitment to overcome my own personal struggles.

This work has been self taught and based on skill-sharing models; I welcome the opportunity to learn new and relevant skills within a structured course. The Group Leadership Course will be invaluable to my work; it will help me move forward, as I need to strengthen my confidence to facilitate, manage group dynamics, and most needed – acquire skills for public speaking! I strongly feel that with new tools I will be more effective in what I do. I believe that Rhodes Wellness College offers the ideal framework to begin to tackle these areas of concern.

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