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Is A Counselling Career Right for You?

professional counselling diploma in Vancouver

The prospect of working as a counsellor is alluring for many, offering a chance to spend one’s days helping others to become happier and more fulfilled. Still, some people may have questions about how well this kind of career might fit into their life, leaving them unsure about whether they should pursue a career in counselling.

Fortunately, if you are in this situation, there are a few ways you can determine for yourself whether a career in counselling is right for you. Here are some thoughts from Marcus Dias, Admissions & Marketing Coordinator at Rhodes Wellness College.

If You’re a Helper, a Counselling Career Will Likely Be a Good Fit For You

Working in counselling is all helping people resolve issues that may be holding them back. If you are someone who loves listening to others, building a strong connection, and providing them with support to help them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles, a career in counselling can be a great fit. “A couple of qualities we look for in students is that they are compassionate and empathetic, and that they genuinely want to help others and make a change in the world, no matter how small it is,” said Marcus (Dias, 2017). If you share these qualities, then it’s a good sign that you will thrive in a counselling career.

A counsellor training program will build on these traits, teaching you how to show your compassion and empathy, make good use of body language and eye contact, and teach you some surprising techniques help others find their own strengths. (Dias, 2017).

If You Want to Grow as a Person, Pursuing a Counselling Career Can Help You

Counselling others in how to become grounded, better understand themselves, and in how to use various tools to achieve greater wellness is best achieved by counsellors who understand how to apply these practices to their own lives (Dias, 2017). This philosophy informs the training at Rhodes Wellness College, with self-work toward greater personal wellness being a crucial part of training. “For students, that can be life changing,” said Dias, adding “You’re going through figuring out ‘What am I meant to be doing, and why?'” (Dias, 2017). For this reason, students who are ready to undertake this journey themselves are an ideal fit for a career in counselling.

The teaching staff at the college possess a wealth of expertise and industry experience, so you will be in capable hands when undergoing this journey of personal exploration and growth. By the end of your training, you can expect to have achieved a greater level of personal understanding, and to be able to draw on this to help the clients you encounter throughout your future career.

counsellor training

People who want to enjoy self-growth can find satisfaction in a counselling career

Counselling Is an Ideal Career if You Want to Help Others Achieve Wellness

One of the growth areas in modern counselling is in counselling clients to help them achieve holistic wellness (Dias, 2017). This, according to the National Wellness Institute, is a concept that includes the important dimensions of “lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being,” (About Wellness), and is directed at helping people achieve a “more successful existence” (About Wellness).

If you want to put yourself at the forefront of a movement to help the people you meet achieve multidimensional fulfillment, a counselling career will be a great way to do so. Marcus says elements like yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, are becoming more mainstream to help clients achieve greater levels of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing (Dias, 2017). He also notes that life coaching services are becoming an important part of what many counsellors offer, as people are increasingly seeking out counsellors who can offer that additional service. (Dias, 2017).

professional counselling diploma in Vancouver

Techniques like yoga and meditation are being employed by holistic wellness counsellors

According to Dias, “That’s training that’s all part of the program,” making a counselling education at Rhodes Wellness College an excellent way to learn tools that can help people in many areas of their lives. Equally important, take this path, and expect a transformation in yourself.

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