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How to Put Your Life Coach Training to Work with a Practicum Placement

Experiential learning allows students to take theoretical concepts and apply them to challenging simulated or real-world situations. This process of ‘learning by doing’ allows students to develop work-ready skills so that they can make a seamless transition into their careers. It’s why top...
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Understanding Trauma Counselling as You Complete Counsellor Training

In the face of an extremely distressing event, it is common for people to experience psychological trauma, which is a type of mental damage. They may have difficulty reorienting themselves in everyday life, may seem withdrawn or anxious, or experience a number of other mental and physical symptoms...
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Identifying Enabling Behaviours with the Help of Addictions Counselling Training

As a future addictions counsellor, you’ll likely not only work with clients who have an addiction, but you may also work with their family members and loved ones. An addiction can take a significant toll on family dynamics. Therefore, counselling the family members can be an important part of the...
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Is A Counselling Career Right for You?

The prospect of working as a counsellor is alluring for many, offering a chance to spend one’s days helping others to become happier and more fulfilled. Still, some people may have questions about how well this kind of career might fit into their life, leaving them unsure about whether they...
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