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Financing Your Counselling Training Program in Vancouver

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Your education is one of the biggest and most significant investments you can make. For students pursuing counsellor training, the benefits of such an investment are many. Not only does counselling training set you on a rewarding path of self-discovery and fulfillment, but it also opens the door to a great career. In fact, 80 per cent of Rhodes College graduates are employed within 8-12 weeks after graduation (Rhodes, 2017).

However, for many students the costs associated with pursuing a higher education can be intimidating. Individuals who want to enroll in a counselling program often need assistance in financing their education, and securing these important resources can make all the difference. Fortunately, there are many options available for students looking to pursue counsellor training.

Career Colleges Will Offer Assistance to Students

The right college can make all the difference for students making the transition back to school. For example, Rhodes Wellness College offers several scholarships for students looking to continue their education. If you have a professional background in addictions treatment, healthcare, or fitness and would like to become a counsellor, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Rhodes College offers an Addictions Treatment and Recovery Employee Scholarship, Healthcare Worker Wellness Scholarship, and Fitness Professionals Scholarship (Rhodes, 2017).

However, scholarships aren’t the only way that colleges like Rhodes help students finance their education. Our dedicated admissions advisors can help you find government grants and bursaries that you may be eligible for and can even help with your student loan application. If you have any questions, our caring and expert staff will be there to help you every step of the way.

Government Student Loans are Available to Students of Rhodes Wellness College

A common way that thousands of Canadians across the country finance their education is through student loans. In fact, from 2015 to 2016 part-time and full-time students received $199 million in student loans from the Government of British Columbia’s financial assistance program (Province of British Columbia, 2017).

While scholarships and bursaries can go a long way, education is a significant investment and you may need a little extra financial support. To help students cover all of their financial needs throughout their studies, StudentAid BC offers loans for full-time and part-time students in British Columbia (StudentAidBC, 2017). In addition, the interest rate for provincial student loans was just lowered by the Government of British Columbia, meaning that getting your education is now more affordable than ever (The Herald, 2017).

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Student loans can provide the financial resources you need to become a counsellor

Government or Private Financial Assistance Can Help You Become a Counsellor

Every year about 3 per cent of scholarship funding goes unused in Canada (Azzura Lalani, 2015). That unused funding amounts to the equivalent of one year’s tuition for approximately 700 students (Azzura Lalani, 2015). To help stop this money from going to waste, we encourage students to use many different resources to finance their education and complete their professional counsellor diploma. StudentAid BC, for example, offers a comprehensive list of grants, scholarships, and bursaries for students enrolled at designated schools like Rhodes Wellness College (StudentAidBC, 2017).

In addition to government resources, private scholarships are also plentiful. Websites like ScholarshipsCanada have portals that list dozens of available scholarships (ScholarshipsCanada, 2017). Resources like Yconic also provide assistance by matching students to appropriate services and scholarships (Yconic, 2017). These services can help you find privately funded scholarships intended for students just like you.

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Research and apply for bursaries, grants, and scholarships to finance your counselling education

Are you interested in enrolling in counselling courses in Vancouver?

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