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Rhodes Wellness College Counselling Centre: Inexpensive Counselling and Coaching for Everyone

Counselling and coaching services can be expensive, and those costs can sometimes affect those who need it most. Clients might delay getting the care they need, or might forgo counselling or coaching altogether. Fortunately, for members of the local Vancouver community, affordable counselling and...
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Which Model is best for Counsellor Training? Experiential Learning vs. Traditional Academic Models

There are generally two learning models used in today’s educational system. They are “experiential” and “academic”. Experiential learning provides opportunities for immersive, hands-on learning through activities, work experience, projects, and problem solving. Traditional academic models...
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Clearing Your Internal Clutter: Why Personal Healing Is a Vital Part of Counsellor Training

Counsellors play a vital role in their clients’ lives by helping them gain perspective on and heal from past events. In order to help their future clients, though, student counsellors need to undergo their own personal healing before starting their career. If you’re considering becoming a...
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Financing Your Counselling Training Program in Vancouver

Your education is one of the biggest and most significant investments you can make. For students pursuing counsellor training, the benefits of such an investment are many. Not only does counselling training set you on a rewarding path of self-discovery and fulfillment, but it also opens the door to...
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Thinking of becoming a Counsellor? Spiritual Wellness Concepts for the Professional Counsellor in Training

Physical, mental, and emotional health are important elements of wellbeing, but they are not the only considerations. Spirituality, or “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things,” (Oxford Living Dictionaries, n.d.) is an...
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