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How Life Coaching School can Help Your Clients Overcome Rejection

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Life coaches help others lead lives that are satisfying and fulfilling. This means being able to weather life’s challenges and unpleasant feelings, including rejection. When helping clients to live their lives to their full potential, rejection is likely to be a part of their process as they set goals and make changes. Life coach training prepares you to help them through rejection, both in their relationships and in professional situations, like job interviews or school applications. 

Studies show that the pathways in the brain that are activated by rejection are the same as the ones activated by physical pain. It’s therefore no surprise that many people struggle to process rejection. Read on to learn how you can help clients deal with this uncomfortable feeling.

How to Look at Rejection with Positivity after Life Coaching School

There are many ways to look at rejection with positivity. When clients are job hunting, for example, they may be rejected by a company for certain reasons. Those reasons can likely be turned into reasons why they would be accepted by a different company. In this way, perspective is a powerful tool when working towards goals and hearing the word “no” from employers.

The average job seeker faces 24 rejections before they hear a “yes” from an employer, so it’s likely that many of your clients will face this hurdle. Life coach school can prepare you to reassure your clients when they go through things like this that are such common aspects of a successful life.

Being rejected is a part of pursuing goals in your clients’ lives. Help them stay positive with perspective
Being rejected is a part of pursuing goals in your clients’ lives. Help them stay positive with perspective

Use Skills from Life Coach School to Build Resilience in Clients

Rejection can build strength and resilience if used correctly. As a life coach, you aim to instill confidence in your clients so that they can do what fulfills them in life. Being rejected gives clients an opportunity to see their own strength as they process and move past the experience. This can prepare them for their next step in life and show them that they can survive uncomfortable situations.

Use life coaching strategies to make your clients more resilient in the face of rejection
Use life coaching strategies to make your clients more resilient in the face of rejection

In addition, negative experiences help people develop more vocabulary and tools around their emotions. This gives them knowledge so that in the future, they are able to respond more effectively to situations where they have negative emotions. Before becoming a life coach, you will have the task of examining your own experiences and challenges to make yourself a more resilient person. This functions to prepare you to be a strong and well-adjusted support to your clients as they process rejection themselves.

Rejection can be a tool to Build Self-Awareness

Self-awareness helps people succeed by helping them monitor their individual beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. This gives clients the right knowledge to know when an opportunity or choice is beneficial and appropriate for them and can also make them more effective. 75% of job success is based on how the brain connects to others, evaluates individual behaviour, and deals with stressful emotions.

Rejection can be a catalyst for self-examination that leads to self-awareness. When faced with rejection, clients can consider why the rejection occurred and if they can improve themselves in some way or find a new approach. It also gives clients a chance to consider whether the opportunities they are striving for are a good fit or not, with the ability to change course if they decide an alternative is more appropriate.

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