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Life Coach Career Insight: 3 Reasons Clients Choose to See a Life Coach

Becoming a Life Coach Allows You to Provide Expert Guidance to Clients

Life coaching has grown in popularity over the last several years—and with good reason: It works. Studies have shown that businesses that provide their employees with life coaching services generally see a 7x return on investment (Symonds, 2011). Some companies even report seeing a return on investment as high as 10 to 49 times what they spent on life coaching services (Symonds, 2011). However, it’s not just businesses reaping the rewards of hiring a life coach. Many people find great success, wellness, and happiness after working with a professional life coach.

What drives individuals from all walks of life to seek out these services? While each person has unique circumstances that have lead them to hire a life coach, there are some common reasons that many clients share.

Read on to discover three reasons why clients may turn to your services once you begin your career.

1. During Your Life Coach Career, Clients May Come to You for Accountability

One of the main reasons clients invest in a life coach is to help them meet their goals. Whether personal or professional, many people don’t achieve their goals because they are missing someone who will hold them accountable. A certified Life Coach is trained in this powerful process.

As many as 91 per cent of people who set New Year’s resolutions don’t end up achieving them (Statistic Brain, 2017). After life coach training you will provide a much-needed source of accountability to your clients. You will learn how to conduct sessions around a framework for meeting deadlines, milestones, and goals. You will learn how to both challenge and encourage clients in a way that moves them forward.

2. Clients Hire Professional Life Coaches Because they Seek Fulfillment

For clients who are working at a job they don’t like, or who are experiencing an unfulfilling relationship or are unexcited about their life, hiring a life coach can assist them to design a more desirable life. After hiring a life coach, 43.3 per cent of clients report an improvement in their quality of life and 67.6 per cent feel they are more self-aware (Mars Venus Coaching, 1998).

Life coaches help their clients achieve more fulfilment in their lives

Life coaches help their clients achieve more fulfilment in their lives

Becoming a life coach gives you the unique opportunity to help others discover what truly bring a sense of purpose and happiness. Perhaps your clients need to start a new career, take up a hobby they enjoy, or go on a solo self-discovery trip. During your sessions you will help your clients uncover the deeper elements at play, as well as how they can resolve any barriers preventing their success.

3. Becoming a Life Coach Allows You to Provide Expert Guidance to Clients

The most successful life coaches define a niche market early on in their career. Having a well-defined niche enables them to focus on a specific type of client and become a true expert in that area. You can choose a niche based on your education, life experience, career experience, or simply choose whatever niche speaks to your aspirations. Whether you want to become a small business coach or a relationship coach for separated couples—among many different possibilities—your niche and experience will allow you to provide expert assistance.

Clients seek the expert guidance of a life coach

Clients seek the expert guidance of a life coach

In fact, many clients seek out a life coach because they need expert assistance, with 50.5 per cent of clients viewing their life coach as a valuable mentor figure (Mars Venus Coaching, 1998). As a life coach, your expertise can help your clients get from point A to point B (whatever those points may be) much faster.

Are you interested in getting started towards a life coach career?

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