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Key Mental Wellness Concepts for Wellness Counselling Students

Wellness counsellors take a holistic approach and provide clients with strategies and techniques for improving physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness. Each one of these areas is essential in a client’s journey to achieving overall fulfillment. Mental Wellness then, is an essential...
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Life Coach Career Insight: 3 Reasons Clients Choose to See a Life Coach

Life coaching has grown in popularity over the last several years—and with good reason: It works. Studies have shown that businesses that provide their employees with life coaching services generally see a 7x return on investment (Symonds, 2011). Some companies even report seeing a return on...
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Becoming Self-Responsible During Professional Counsellor Training: The Personal Journey Students Undertake

Many people exist in a state of perpetually searching for reasons why their lives are a particular way. They may wonder why their relationships are not as strong as they might like, or why their career isn’t fulfilling. It’s common for this to lead an individual to externalize perceived...
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The Process of Addiction Explained for Addictions Counselling Students

Addiction is a widespread problem that affects many Canadians and their families. In fact, approximately 20 per cent of the population—or one in every five Canadians—will struggle with addiction or mental health (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2017). The process of addiction can happen...
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