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The Rhodes Wellness College Process Explained: Discover Our Experiential Model

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If you want to become a counsellor or a life coach, you have many programs and schools to choose from. What makes Rhodes Wellness College stand out from the rest is that we use an experiential model through every stage of our teaching process.

The experiential model is a form of learning through doing. At Rhodes, this means that when you learn about wellness, you don’t simply learn about it as an abstract concept. Rather, you learn how to apply wellness to your own life experiences. This process can be deeply personal and it allows you to develop the empathetic qualities you need to excel at a career in wellness. Let us take a look at how the experiential model works.

The Experiential Model Shows How Helping Others Begins With Helping Yourself

If you want to become a counsellor, then you probably already want to help people become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthier. However, in order to do that you must first be able to overcome your own personal struggles. Rhodes Wellness College is built on a simple principle: hurt people hurt people, those who struggle will struggle themselves to help others, and healthy people who have already overcome their own struggles are best placed to help others.

Our wellness college helps students use their own life experiences to help others
Our wellness college helps students use their own life experiences to help others

Through our experiential model, you work on helping yourself first. As you learn about concepts like employment counselling, spiritual wellness, and group leadership in your classes, you’ll then apply them to your own life. This makes our wellness college a truly unique experience where our program becomes a process of self-development. The goal is to help you get to the point where you are better equipped to help others because you have experienced firsthand how the techniques learned in your courses work when applied to yourself.

This focus on self-development also addresses an important issue that many counsellors and life coaches face: burnout. Listening to clients’ often emotional stories, whether happy or sad, can be exhausting for counsellors and life coaches. With the experiential model, you’ll be better able to understand and process your own feelings. By being able to process your feelings, you can reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed or drained. Not only will this help you feel more satisfied in your career, but it means you can be an even more effective and compassionate professional for your clients.

The Safe Environment of Our Wellness College Helps Students Develop and Practice

Of course, wellness counselling and life coaching should always be done in a safe and supportive environment. That is precisely what our programs, like our certified life coach training, offer. Our experts guide students through this process of self-development and support them every step of the way. Furthermore, students are surrounded by other students who are also undergoing the same process and who are there to help each other.

Rhodes Wellness College fosters a safe environment where students can learn by doing
Rhodes Wellness College fosters a safe environment where students can learn by doing

In this safe environment, students go on a journey that is a full circle, incorporating techniques like role playing and real-life simulations. They start out by helping themselves, move onto working with classmates, and then work on helping outside organizations and clients. With our on-site clinic, students get a chance to help others while still under the guidance of our instructors. Finally, students often find that the process of helping others is itself a way to find meaning in their own lives, thus completing the circle of the experiential model. With this holistic approach, students become more confident and capable in their abilities and better able to offer empathetic support to clients.

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