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Wellness Counsellor Employment Opportunities: Working with Corporate Wellness

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Wellness counsellors help clients improve their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. This holistic approach to living well is endorsed by many organizations including the World Health Organization.

Corporate wellness is one employment option for wellness counsellor graduates. In this role, wellness counsellors work hard at helping organizations improve their employees’ wellbeing, health, and performance on the job.

If you’re interested in a career in wellness, read on to learn more about this rewarding field.

The Impact of Corporate Wellness

Organizations of all sizes are placing increasing importance on corporate wellness. According to the 2013 Sun Life-Buffett National Wellness Survey, an astounding 90 per cent of companies with 50 or more employees have at least one wellness offering. In addition, an impressive 60 per cent of smaller employers also have some kind of wellness initiative (Sun Life, 2013).

Companies that made wellness a priority saw a 51 per cent increase in employee morale, 40 per cent reduction in absenteeism, and 30 per cent improvement in employee retention. (Sun Life, 2013).

The majority of employees spend most of their waking hours at work, which means that their stress levels, physical activity, and dietary choices have a significant impact on their overall health and quality of life (Perth District Health Unit, 2017). In Canada, several leading causes of death are due to preventable illnesses (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2011; Statistics Canada, 2015). Many of these preventable issues can be the result of a sedentary and stressful office lifestyle, and can be improved with the help of a qualified wellness counsellor.

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Corporate wellness counsellors have a positive impact in employees’ quality of life

The Role of Corporate Wellness Counsellors

As more companies adopt wellness policies, there is increasing opportunity for wellness counsellors to work in the corporate sector. Whether it’s by offering one-on-one counselling sessions to help employees create a personalized wellness plan or conducting group seminars about the importance of holistic wellness, wellness counsellors play a crucial role in implementing wellness programs and guiding employees on their path to overall health and wellbeing (Psychology School Guide, 2017).

The expertise of a corporate wellness counsellor includes but also goes beyond fitness and healthy eating. Wellness counsellors can help clients improve their work-life balance, uncover and overcome limiting beliefs and patterns, improve the health of their business relationships, and much more. Wellness counsellors have the knowledge and skills needed to help organizations implement programs that make life-changing improvements that enhance their businesses.

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Corporate wellness counsellors help clients create wellness plans for improved health

Career Opportunities in Corporate Wellness

If you are interested in pursuing corporate wellness opportunities after earning your diploma in wellness counselling, there are several career paths available. Many corporate wellness counsellors are self-employed entrepreneurs who work with a number of business clients. Some counsellors work for wellness companies that provide services to a variety of corporate clients.

Corporate wellness counsellors have the power to have a positive impact on both companies and employees. Companies benefit from improved productivity and morale, while employees have better job satisfaction and reap the rewards of improved health and wellness in their personal life.

Did you know once you become a wellness counsellor you can begin a career in a variety of rewarding roles?

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