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How Do I know If I am Healing?

Going “home for the holidays” is, among other things, a perfect way to assess the level of your own healing. Given that we can only change ourselves, spending time with our family is a great way to see how much we have been able to heal our past. If we can enter into a situation that...
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What Are “Counselling Competencies”

Prospective students to Rhodes College often ask what types of skills are required to become a registered professional counsellor. The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (cpca-rpc.ca) identifies eight broad categories of skill sets to be mastered. These “competencies” are Describe...
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Life Coach Jobs

Prospective students frequently ask about the availability of jobs for life coaches. If you are interested in a job as a life coach, you must undertake suitable training. Rhodes College is approved as an institution to offer Life Coach Specific Training Hours as required by the International Coach...
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