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Learning How to Stay in Balance at Rhodes Wellness College

Achieving balance in life can be incredibly empowering. It allows a person to feel at ease in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities, and to enjoy contentment. Helping clients attain this state of wellness is an important part of what wellness counsellors do, but in order to do...
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What Students Completing Counsellor Training Need to Know About The Regulation of Counselling in Canada. – FACTBC

There are several organizations in British Columbia and across Canada that help to set standards of practice for Counsellors. Some of these associations provide their members with the benefit of a professional title like “Registered Professional Counsellor,” which helps demonstrate a...
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4 Reasons Clients May Seek Out Your Services Once You Become a Counsellor

Using their expertise to help clients navigate emotions, past experiences, and attitudes, counsellors play an important role in helping clients reach overall wellness and happiness. Throughout your career as a counsellor, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and help many different clients. No two...
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Why Is Positive Psychology so Important? Bea Rhodes, Founder of Rhodes Wellness College, Explains

Have you ever noticed how simply changing your attitude towards a challenge can impact your abilities, state of mind, and overall well-being? This powerful concept forms the basis of the Positive Psychology movement, an approach to psychology that promotes focussing on the study of well-being in...
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The Steps to Recovery Explained for Students in Addictions Counsellor Courses

Understanding the stages of recovery is essential for addictions counsellors. That’s because when an individual is recovering from an addiction to drugs (including alcohol), gambling, or another sort of behaviour, they’ll often pass through seven stages on their journey to recovery, fulfilment,...
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