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4 Reasons Clients May Seek Out Your Services Once You Become a Counsellor

Using their expertise to help clients navigate emotions, past experiences, and attitudes, counsellors play an important role in helping clients reach overall wellness and happiness. Throughout your career as a counsellor, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and help many different clients. No two...
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Holistic Counselling: The Benefits of Using this Popular Model When You Become a Counsellor

Have you ever noticed that when you experience stress, it can take a physical toll on your body by giving you symptoms like a headache, achy muscles, or an upset stomach? This is a simple example of how the mind, emotions, body, and spirit are all interconnected. A holistic approach to counselling...
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Thinking of becoming a Counsellor? Spiritual Wellness Concepts for the Professional Counsellor in Training

Physical, mental, and emotional health are important elements of wellbeing, but they are not the only considerations. Spirituality, or “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things,” (Oxford Living Dictionaries, n.d.) is an...
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