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Closing the Confidence Gap: How You Can Help Women Feel More Self-Assured as a Life Coach

Life coaches can help individuals take action to realize their goals, a process in which self-confidence plays an important role. Though many people may struggle with low self-confidence to varying degrees, research has shown that there exists a confidence gap between men and women, with the latter...
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Why Professionals With Addictions Counselling Training Are Concerned About Mobile Games

With the advent of mobile phones and tablets, nearly everyone has access to a plethora of information and various types of entertainment in the form of apps at their fingertips. At present, the biggest category of apps and also the most popular is that of mobile games, comprising 20% of the...
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Teaching Clients to Recognize and Defuse Anger Once You Become a Counsellor

It’s well known that feelings of anger can have a negative impact on a client’s health and relationships. Research shows that lingering and chronic anger are associated with increased risk of heart disease and stroke, can weaken immune response, and can even lead to reduced life expectancy...
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Why body-based therapies are an important part of Wellness Counsellor Programs

For many years, the mind and body were seen as two distinct aspects of being. Today, it is well known that the line between physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness is blurry, and that one can and often does affect the other. Power poses, such as standing up straight with arms raised, has...
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Helping Clients Overcome Feelings of Apathy as a Therapist

Almost everyone will experience a bout of apathy from time to time, whether that feeling comes during a long morning commute or persists over many weeks. Yet even though apathy is a well-known feeling, there are many aspects to this complex emotion that are still being researched and investigated....
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