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What You Need to Know About the Global Wellness Institute When You Become a Wellness Counsellor

All the way back in 2013, the wellness sector was valued at $3.36 trillion (GWI, n.d.f). Then, just a couple of years later in 2015, that number had swelled to $3.72 trillion (GWI, n.d.f). Part of the reason for that stunning 10.6% growth was an increased understanding of the benefits that...
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Why body-based therapies are an important part of Wellness Counsellor Programs

For many years, the mind and body were seen as two distinct aspects of being. Today, it is well known that the line between physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness is blurry, and that one can and often does affect the other. Power poses, such as standing up straight with arms raised, has...
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