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How Graduates of Life Coach School Can Help Clients Tackle Their Fear of Change

Derived from ‘meta’, the Greek word for ‘change’, the term ‘metathesiophobia’ describes a common condition (Bozman, 2007). The fear of change is pervasive across all walks of life, and has been associated with a basic human aversion to uncertainty (Copeland, 2018). In many cases, this...
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What You Need to Know About Digital Wellness if You Want to Become a Wellness Counsellor

While facilitating personal communication and information access, the rise of digital platforms also highlights the importance of ‘digital wellness.’ Digital platforms pose unique threats to mental health, with risks of cyber bullying, disorders, addiction, anxiety, and depression. An emerging...
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Depression: Helpful tips from Professional Counsellors

The Canadian Mental Health Association states that approximately eight percent of adults will experience “major depression at some time in their lives.” The World Health Organization (WHO)’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse has even declared it “the top cause of disability...
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Devoting Your Life Coach Career to Helping Clients With Mental Illness Reach Their Potential

Mental illness can pose unique challenges to personal and professional development. According to the mental health commission of Canada, psychological health issues are behind the weekly absences of an estimated 500,000 working Canadians (Government of Canada, 2016). Moreover, findings from the...
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Rhodes Wellness College Partner Spotlight: Luke 15 House

Eleven years ago, Nigel Vincent joined Luke 15 House. He did so with the desire to help the struggling organization thrive. A recent business school graduate, Nigel recognized the importance of addictions recovery programs. It was a realization that led him to volunteer at Luke 15 House before...
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