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Rhodes Wellness College Partner Spotlight: Luke 15 House

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Eleven years ago, Nigel Vincent joined Luke 15 House. He did so with the desire to help the struggling organization thrive. A recent business school graduate, Nigel recognized the importance of addictions recovery programs. It was a realization that led him to volunteer at Luke 15 House before becoming its executive director.

Since 1992, Luke 15 House has helped men enter recovery from alcohol and drug misuse, empowering them toward happy and productive lives. A God-centred organization, Luke 15 House provides unconditional love and non-judgement, helping residents move beyond the emotional pain that often underlies drug and alcohol addictions (Luke 15 House, 2012).

Nigel came across Rhodes Wellness College shortly after joining Luke 15 House, and has since worked closely with its students and graduates. In addition to hiring some of our alumni, Luke 15 House helps our students gain invaluable practicum experience, introducing them to the day-to-day work of addictions recovery.

Are you curious about the close partnership between Luke 15 House and Rhodes Wellness College? Read on to learn more from Nigel.

Nigel Discusses Luke 15 House’s Mission and Approach

Often dealing with cases of active addictions, Luke 15 House offers residents services to recover and resettle from alcohol and drug misuse. Yet, Luke 15 House also places an emphasis on healing the emotional pain that often drives addictive behaviours in the first place. “We decided we needed to deal with the core issues,” Nigel says of this healing approach. Luke 15 House thus commits itself to understanding their residents’ experiences, and empowering them with the knowledge and resources to move forward (Vincent, 2018).

Nigel notes how this faith-based mission proceeds through unconditional love and non-judgement. “I believe love is the only healer,” Nigel says, adding that experiencing this love is “the first step towards healing” (Vincent, 2018). He extends this insight to future professionals in addictions recovery, listing love and non-judgement as crucial qualities for success. While helping and empowering those with addictions, professionals in this field must be “completely non-judgemental, completely not keeping scores of the wrongs someone has done” (Vincent, 2018).

Luke 15 House Hosts Students in Our Life Coaching and Addictions Counsellor Courses

Nigel remembers when our students first started giving presentations at Luke 15 House over a decade ago. “I just thought ‘wow!’” he says, “This is something we really look for” (Vincent, 2018). Ever since then, Luke 15 House has hosted practicum students from Rhodes Wellness College. For students, the opportunity allows them to gain professional experience and round out their life coaching and addictions counselling training. Nigel also notes that many of our alumni have found professional opportunities at Luke 15 House, including his current executive assistant, Joanna, who also works as a counsellor and life coach (Vincent, 2018).

Nigel says our students are equipped with ‘experiential learning’ techniques that help them stand out. “They’re capable of understanding each one’s unique identity”, he says of our practicum students, “and to deal with someone on the unique basis” (Vincent, 2018). Nigel adds that this empathy-based training is especially important in a field with no easy one-size-fits-all solution. Having visited the Rhodes Wellness College campus throughout the years, Nigel says these skills are honed in a “beautiful environment, so conducive to learning” (Vincent, 2018).

Nigel Reflects on Addiction Recovery Work and where it Is Headed

Whereas most residents were in their thirties or forties when Nigel first started at Luke 15 House, he now sees cases with people as young as sixteen years old. He attributes this shift to greater awareness of addictive behaviours earlier in life—and a willingness to seek help at a young age (Vincent, 2018). Nigel also notes that it speaks to the impact of the BC fentanyl crisis, which has changed addictions demographics and mortality since he first joined Luke 15 House.

Nigel highlights the importance of continued community-based addictions recovery in tackling current challenges. Feeling concerned that current government efforts are not addressing addictions in the most helpful manner, he emphasizes that it’s important for efforts to really empower those with addictions so that they may overcome underlying trauma and behaviour patterns. When asked about the advice he would give those eyeing a diploma in addiction counselling or life coaching, Nigel says the work rewards those whose heart is really in it. He notes how addictions recovery draws people from a variety of backgrounds, all motivated by the same conclusion that led him to the field eleven years ago: “I want to help people” (Vincent, 2018).

Are you hoping for in-field experience with life coach or addictions counsellor courses?

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