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Why Art, Music, and Creative Expression Is so Important to Graduates of Wellness College

When people think of creative individuals, all too often the image of the tortured artist comes to mind. Not only is this association of creativity with negative emotions a cliché, but it also distracts from the fact that creativity has powerful and positive effects on overall wellbeing A growing...
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PTSD: Helpful tips from Professional Counsellors

Canada has one of the highest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the world. In fact, of the 24 countries included in one notable PTSD study, Canada ranked highest for this mental illness, ahead of Australia, the United States, China, Nigeria, and Romania (CBC, n.d.). Indeed, according...
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Combine Your Passion for Writing with Your Life Coach Career by Becoming a Writing Coach

While life coaching is a relatively new field, it is one that is growing quickly and gaining more and more recognition. In fact, “It is estimated by The International Coach Federation that there are currently 53,300 coaches, up from 47,500 part-time and full-time coaches worldwide in 2011.”...
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The Pressure to Succeed and Its Effects on Teen Mental Health: An Overview for Counselling Therapists

Adolescence has always been a challenging time. As teenagers make the rocky transition from childhood into adulthood, they face a range of physical, cognitive, and social changes, while seeking autonomy and struggling to establish their own identity (Villanueva, 2015). In addition to these timeless...
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