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The Effects of Racism on Mental Health and How You Can Provide Support and Help Enact Change as a Counselling Therapist

There is a strong link between racism and issues with mental health, such as stress and anxiety. In fact, “People of color as a whole are… 10% more likely, and black people are 20% more likely, than white people to report serious psychological distress.” (Gattuso, 2020).  For counselling...
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How a Counselling Therapist Can Help Couples Manage Relationship Stress During COVID-19

Even if clients are in the healthiest of relationships, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can still bring its share of challenges. Many couples are simply not accustomed to spending this much time together (Boissiere, 2020). Financial strain and other stressors can also put added pressure on couples....
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How a Counselling Therapist Can Move Their Practice Online

In the age of COVID-19, mental health is more important than ever. This is especially important when news coverage of the novel coronavirus dominates headlines every single day—particularly since much remains unknown about the ongoing pandemic, which can be anxiety-inducing for many (Hill, 2020)....
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