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How to Help Clients Overcome Feelings of Hopelessness with Therapist Training

If someone is experiencing depression, feelings of hopelessness can be consistent. This is one of the more common features of depression, alongside possible feelings of pain, anger, trauma, and/or anxiety (Knaus, 2015). Oftentimes, a person can feel as if there is no hope for their future, and that...
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The Effects of Racism on Mental Health and How You Can Provide Support and Help Enact Change as a Counselling Therapist

There is a strong link between racism and issues with mental health, such as stress and anxiety. In fact, “People of color as a whole are… 10% more likely, and black people are 20% more likely, than white people to report serious psychological distress.” (Gattuso, 2020).  For counselling...
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How a Counselling Therapist Can Help Clients Maintain Good Mental Health During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and its developments have had a profound impact on many people. This can result in a number of different stress-related symptoms, including poor sleep, unhealthy eating patterns, and difficulty concentrating. Increased substance use or tobacco consumption, anxiety over one’s...
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Anxiety: Helpful tips from Professional Counsellors

A rapid heartbeat, sweaty forehead, shaking hands, and tense shoulders can all be part of a normal response to a stressful event (HealthLink BC, 2018). This might be a natural reaction to an important job interview, final exam, or move to a new city. However, for people living with anxiety, these...
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