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Employment Counselling as a Career Option for Counsellor Training Graduates

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For many individuals, the transition from one career or job to another can be a stressful experience. Uncertainty, insecurity, and a fear of failure can lead those seeking employment to feel discouraged. However, the process of transitioning into a new career doesn’t have to be negative! In fact, with the help of an experienced employment counsellor, individuals can enter the process with confidence and thrive in their new role.

If you’re interested in becoming a counsellor, you may want to consider employment counselling as a potential career path. Read on to learn more about career counselling training.

A Career Counsellor plays an important role in a clients’ overall well-being

Employment Counselling is a worthwhile endeavor for many reasons. Most North Americans spend approximately one third of their days working. Yet only about 50% report being satisfied with their jobs. It is well known that job stress can create a variety of problems including anxiety and depression. Therefore, a good career counsellor can assist people to match their employment with their personalities and aspirations and perhaps alleviate the stress many people feel when they are doing work that does not create meaning.

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Employment counsellors play an important role in client well-being

During Counsellor Training, You’ll Discover How to Use Career Assessments

For some clients, a change of career, whether voluntary or not, is the perfect opportunity to make an adjustment towards goals better suited to their aspirations. Once you become a counsellor, you may have clients who want to explore a new career, but are unsure of what will be a good fit with their past experiences, skills, personality type, and interests. You can use your knowledge of career assessments to help guide your clients to the best option for them (Godfrey).

Most career assessments are standardized tests that identify key personality traits and other factors in order to determine several ideal career paths. While testing is never perfect, it can provide an excellent basis to work from and bring to light different options your client may want to explore (Godfrey).

Finding the right fit is important for a happy and effective career. In fact, according to a poll by Hays Canada, 56 per cent of hires who don’t fit with a company’s culture end up being dismissed.

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Employment counsellors use career assessments to help clients discover their ideal career

You’ll Learn How to Create an Alliance with Resistant Clients During Counsellor Training

A client who was let go from their job, may be feeling apprehensive or defensive about their skills. In fact, studies have shown that periods of unemployment can reduce a young adult’s self-efficacy and outlook on their own abilities (Jeylan Mortimer, 2016). As an employment counsellor you will provide support, focus, and encouragement.

During your counselling training, you’ll develop the skills needed to build alliances with discouraged clients. You will learn how to use language that is empowering as well as helpful and assist clients in discovering their worth by embracing their unique strengths.

Did you know graduates of professional counsellor training in Vancouver can pursue many different career paths?

Contact Rhodes Wellness College to learn more about training for a career that will help you change the lives of others.

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