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From Creativity to Contentment: Benefits that Physical Wellness Offers Those Who Become a Wellness Counsellor

Physical wellness can enhance your health but has surprising benefits for other domains of wellness. Exercise can lead to powerful improvements to the mental, emotional, and spiritual domains of one’s life, and is a valuable tool for trained wellness counsellors to bring to their own lives and...
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Overcoming Bullying: How You Can Help Clients Heal When You Become a Counsellor

Research suggests that about 38 per cent of Canadian men and 30 per cent of Canadian women were bullied as children, and as many as 40 per cent of workers “experience bullying on a weekly basis” (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2012). This prevalence is especially troubling given...
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Tools for Managing Internet Addiction Taught in Addictions Counsellor Courses

For some individuals, it can prove difficult to overcome the allure of the countless games, articles, and multimedia offerings to be found online. In some cases, a person’s compulsion to explore the web is serious enough that it has a negative effect on their work, relationships, health, or...
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The Secrets to Building Effective Client Relationships During Your Life Coach Career

A successful life coach career is contingent on the establishment of a trusting and respectful relationship between the coach and their clients (Monroe, 2015). Without trust and rapport between client and life coach, it can be difficult—if not impossible—for coaches to help their clients create...
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Employment Counselling as a Career Option for Counsellor Training Graduates

For many individuals, the transition from one career or job to another can be a stressful experience. Uncertainty, insecurity, and a fear of failure can lead those seeking employment to feel discouraged. However, the process of transitioning into a new career doesn’t have to be negative! In fact,...
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