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Employment Counselling as a Career Option for Counsellor Training Graduates

For many individuals, the transition from one career or job to another can be a stressful experience. Uncertainty, insecurity, and a fear of failure can lead those seeking employment to feel discouraged. However, the process of transitioning into a new career doesn’t have to be negative! In fact,...
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Emotional Wellness Concepts in Counsellor Training

Finding emotional wellness is of monumental importance to enjoying overall wellbeing, but it can be quite difficult to achieve. The pressures of daily life can take a toll and many people do not know how to handle their difficult reactions. In counsellor training, students study a range of options...
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Understanding Trauma Counselling as You Complete Counsellor Training

In the face of an extremely distressing event, it is common for people to experience psychological trauma, which is a type of mental damage. They may have difficulty reorienting themselves in everyday life, may seem withdrawn or anxious, or experience a number of other mental and physical symptoms...
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