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Broken New Year’s Resolutions. How Life Coach Training Can Help You Help Your Client to Set the Right Goals

New Year’s resolutions are seen by many as an ideal way to make positive life changes, but statistics show that only 39% of individuals in their twenties manage to achieve their aims, and this percentage drops to 14% when assessing people in their fifties (Tribby, 2017). Frequently, resolution...
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What You Need to Know About the Global Wellness Institute When You Become a Wellness Counsellor

All the way back in 2013, the wellness sector was valued at $3.36 trillion (GWI, n.d.f). Then, just a couple of years later in 2015, that number had swelled to $3.72 trillion (GWI, n.d.f). Part of the reason for that stunning 10.6% growth was an increased understanding of the benefits that...
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How Becoming A Counsellor Changed My Life – An Interview with Wellness Counsellor Graduate Lindsay Lefebvre

“The person that I am now? I feel whole,” says Lindsay Lefebvre, graduate of the Wellness Counselling Diploma program. However, reaching that sense of wholeness and fulfillment took time, and the change wasn’t something she was expecting when she first enrolled. Before Rhodes...
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Infographic: The Value of Experiential Learning

Lectures and readings are often seen as the staples of any modern education, but are they necessarily the best approach for getting students to develop the hands-on skills necessary for a counselling career? While lectures do have their merit, many experts believe that experiential learning, also...
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Teaching Clients to Overcome Fear of Failure Once You Become a Life Coach

Facing failure in life is inevitable, yet many people fear it and try to avoid it, ending up trapped in a worrisome cycle (Leahy, 2009). This fear of failure, also called atychiphobia, can end up having serious consequences. To some, the prospect of failing presents such a significant psychological...
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