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Using Your Life Coach Certification to Help Clients Identify and Overcome Career Stagnation

In 2012, approximately 13% of overqualified university graduates were not satisfied with their job (Hango, D., & LaRochelle- Côté, S., 2016). Employment and career development are two areas which can greatly affect how a person sees themselves. Success in one’s career, for instance, can make...
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3 Important Facts About Tobacco Addiction for Students in Addictions Counsellor Courses

In 1966 close to 50 percent of Canadians aged 15 and over were smokers (Tasker, 2018). Fortunately, this presented the peak of cigarette addiction (Tasker, 2018). By 2015 the number of addicted individuals had fallen to 15 percent of the population, an encouraging figure given the health...
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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Helpful tips from Professional Counsellors

Narcissism is a term inspired by ancient Greek mythology. According to the story, Narcissus is punished by the gods in an unusual way: He is made to fall in love with his own reflection, causing him to ignore everything else and eventually waste away by the shore bank (The Editors of Encyclopaedia...
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Wellness and the World Health Organization

Throughout much of the 20th century, the medical model was the paradigm used to understand health in the western world (uOttawa, n.d.). It is a model which has many merits. However, it is also one which “emphasizes treating specific physical diseases, does not accommodate mental or social problems...
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The ACE study and what it means for trauma counsellors

Much attention has been directed towards the transformative power of grit, hard work, and perseverance. Studies have determined that those who possess “grit” are more likely to follow through on commitments, stay in school, and succeed later in life (Duckworth, n.d.). However, tenacity may only...
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