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The Experience of “Awe” and how it Increases Wellness

Awe is an emotion that can at times be hard to define. It’s a sensation that mixes together both positive and negative emotions, eliciting wonder, fear, and the indescribable sensation of witnessing something beyond our understanding. Whether seeing an act of incredible kindness, taking in the...
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Wellness and the World Health Organization

Throughout much of the 20th century, the medical model was the paradigm used to understand health in the western world (uOttawa, n.d.). It is a model which has many merits. However, it is also one which “emphasizes treating specific physical diseases, does not accommodate mental or social problems...
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Choosing a Wellness Counsellor College in Vancouver

Awareness about preventative approaches to health and wellbeing has been steadily increasing. Rather than waiting until they feel unhappy, unfulfilled, and unhealthy, clients are instead deciding to adopt habits that prevent illness from taking root in the first place. At first, this new approach to...
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3 Couples Counselling Concepts You’ll Encounter in Wellness Counsellor Training

In wellness counselling training, you’ll be exposed to a range of trusted counselling and coaching techniques. You will learn how to assess relationship systems and define problematic couple and family dynamics. These are skills that will help you succeed in your own wellness counselling career....
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