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The Experience of “Awe” and how it Increases Wellness

Awe is an emotion that can at times be hard to define. It’s a sensation that mixes together both positive and negative emotions, eliciting wonder, fear, and the indescribable sensation of witnessing something beyond our understanding. Whether seeing an act of incredible kindness, taking in the...
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Why Professionals with Wellness Counselling Training Might Want to Encourage Laughter

In many ways, laughter is a phenomenon that we still know very little about. The question of why we laugh, for example, is still generally considered unsettled. There is no clear consensus, and researchers have yet to definitively answer the question of why we laugh (Louie, Brook, & Frates,...
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The New Rhodes Wellness College Website is Now Live!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website, Rhodescollege.ca! Our new and improved site offers information for both current students and prospective students, as well as online access to a range of useful counselling and life coaching resources. Watch and read testimonials from recent...
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