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Happy Halloween everyone!  A big thank you to the Wellness Connection for hosting a spookily delcious Halloween potluck lunch today.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all at our next social get together, which will be our Speed Coaching event this Saturday November 5th.  Tell anyone who...
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My Branching Point

This month, our blog takes a look at a very powerful story written by a student in our Wellness Counsellor Diploma program.  She has agreed to let us publish her story in the hopes that it may assist others to understand this very painful experience.  Her courage and dedication to use her...
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What, You Again?

Have you ever been in a new relationship that seems eerily familiar? You might have married your abusive father, your nagging ex-wife or someone else from your past. It happens. Why would you be with someone who displays the worst traits of someone you have discarded from your life? There is a...
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Workplace Madness??

Many times we have had people come to our college suffering the effects of workplace sickness.  Our work should be a place where we get to express ourselves and use our creative talents.  Many times, people quit perfectly good jobs because of problems with the climate of their workplace. When most...
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8 Steps to Developing Your Coaching Niche

Once you have learned the core coaching skills, here is a sample of some of the work you will do in one of our business and leadership development programs in your second year of studies. Research shows that coaches who develop a niche are more likely to have a successful coaching practice, long...
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Why Be Angry?

In the Emotional Wellness section of our Professional Programs at Rhodes College, we study emotions – all of them. Sometimes students say “I don’t want to dredge up all those awful feelings. There is no point”. There is a point and I have a real life example to illustrate that point. Many...
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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hi! Welcome to our Blog. The purpose of our blog is for you to get to know some of the areas we study at our College, to share some of our resources with you and to give you a taste of our healthy, healing, and life affirming world. I am the primary author, but from […]
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