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The Benefits of Yoga Explored For Those Seeking Wellness Coach Certification

Today, the practice of yoga has spread across the world and takes on many different interpretations, shapes and forms. Traditionally, however, yoga originated in ancient India as a Hindu practice, the purpose of which was to cultivate a union between the mind, body and spirit (Yogapedia, 2020)....
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The Link Between Physical and Mental Wellbeing: A Guide For Students at Rhodes Wellness College

While Western medicine long held the mind and body as separate entities, in truth, they’re more connected than we might think. Although much of today’s health recommendations tend to focus on improving our physical health, neither can be explained or diagnosed without accounting for the other...
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How to Use Schema Therapy to Enhance Clients’ Well-Being After Wellness College

A professional wellness coach is tasked with providing instruction and activities to clients that promote physical, emotional, and mental wellness. In your career, you may encounter clients who experience self-defeating thoughts and behaviour patterns. Schemas refer to these unhelpful patterns that...
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Understanding the Impact of Self-Care: A Guide for Students in Wellness Coach Training

A professional wellness counsellor is concerned with taking a holistic approach to clients to improve physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of their lives. Self-care is an important part of that process. Self-care is the process of being aware of the self—understanding one’s needs,...
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Understanding the Mind-Body Connection As A Wellness College Student

For many years now, scientists and researchers have seen a link between a person’s mind and body. The mind-body connection is how one’s physical well-being is inherently linked with their behaviours and thoughts (Menezes, 2020). This is true in the case of both physical ailments leading to...
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