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How Life Coaching School can Help Your Clients Overcome Rejection

Life coaches help others lead lives that are satisfying and fulfilling. This means being able to weather life’s challenges and unpleasant feelings, including rejection. When helping clients to live their lives to their full potential, rejection is likely to be a part of their process as they set...
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Are You a Stay at Home Mom Struggling with Your Next Step in Life?

If you are a stay-at-home mom who is struggling to figure out what the next step in your life should be, you are not alone. One survey found that 22% of stay-at-home moms say they would like to work in a full-time career (Pew Research Center, 2013). While being a stay-at-home mom can sometimes feel...
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How to Help Clients Navigate a New Promotion During Your Life Coach Career

Oftentimes, when people think of their career progression, they might envision quickly reaching a coveted promotion or finally becoming a manager. Sometimes the promotion takes longer than we want it to. In fact, a recent survey found that “more than 75% of Gen Z members believe they should be...
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Combine Your Passion for Writing with Your Life Coach Career by Becoming a Writing Coach

While life coaching is a relatively new field, it is one that is growing quickly and gaining more and more recognition. In fact, “It is estimated by The International Coach Federation that there are currently 53,300 coaches, up from 47,500 part-time and full-time coaches worldwide in 2011.”...
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How Graduates of Life Coach School Can Help Clients Tackle Their Fear of Change

Derived from ‘meta’, the Greek word for ‘change’, the term ‘metathesiophobia’ describes a common condition (Bozman, 2007). The fear of change is pervasive across all walks of life, and has been associated with a basic human aversion to uncertainty (Copeland, 2018). In many cases, this...
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Devoting Your Life Coach Career to Helping Clients With Mental Illness Reach Their Potential

Mental illness can pose unique challenges to personal and professional development. According to the mental health commission of Canada, psychological health issues are behind the weekly absences of an estimated 500,000 working Canadians (Government of Canada, 2016). Moreover, findings from the...
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Broken New Year’s Resolutions. How Life Coach Training Can Help You Help Your Client to Set the Right Goals

New Year’s resolutions are seen by many as an ideal way to make positive life changes, but statistics show that only 39% of individuals in their twenties manage to achieve their aims, and this percentage drops to 14% when assessing people in their fifties (Tribby, 2017). Frequently, resolution...
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Unlocking the Transformative Power of Goal Setting In Life Coach Training

When it comes to achieving your dreams, taking the time to set realistic goals has been proven to dramatically improve results. Simply having a goal written down somewhere with actionable steps on how to achieve it can produce remarkable results. However, many individuals are reluctant to set goals...
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How to Put Your Life Coach Training to Work with a Practicum Placement

Experiential learning allows students to take theoretical concepts and apply them to challenging simulated or real-world situations. This process of ‘learning by doing’ allows students to develop work-ready skills so that they can make a seamless transition into their careers. It’s why top...
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Life Coach Career Insight: 3 Reasons Clients Choose to See a Life Coach

Life coaching has grown in popularity over the last several years—and with good reason: It works. Studies have shown that businesses that provide their employees with life coaching services generally see a 7x return on investment (Symonds, 2011). Some companies even report seeing a return on...
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