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The Experience of “Awe” and how it Increases Wellness

Awe is an emotion that can at times be hard to define. It’s a sensation that mixes together both positive and negative emotions, eliciting wonder, fear, and the indescribable sensation of witnessing something beyond our understanding. Whether seeing an act of incredible kindness, taking in the...
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What You Need to Know About Digital Wellness if You Want to Become a Wellness Counsellor

While facilitating personal communication and information access, the rise of digital platforms also highlights the importance of ‘digital wellness.’ Digital platforms pose unique threats to mental health, with risks of cyber bullying, disorders, addiction, anxiety, and depression. An emerging...
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Why “Flow” Can Be a Powerful Tool For Wellness Counsellors

In an age of shortened attention spans, total immersion—also known as flow—is an increasingly enticing prospect. According to renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (2004), this heightened state is also the basis of human happiness. In 1990, Csikszentmihalyi outlined this phenomenon in...
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The Link Between Nature and Wellbeing: An Overview for Students in Wellness College

Forests, lakes, mountaintops, and the rest of the natural world enjoy a reputation for being places of calm and beauty. In addition, there is evidence that they can exert powerful effects on an individual’s wellbeing, too. A study published by the National Academy of Sciences found that...
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How to Create a Corporate Wellness Program Once You Become a Wellness Counsellor

Both work and wellness play a major role in people’s lives, and the two are highly interconnected. An individual’s wellness impacts their performance and satisfaction at work while a healthy work life can in turn impact wellness. Employees and employers are aware of this. A 2012 study by...
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From Creativity to Contentment: Benefits that Physical Wellness Offers Those Who Become a Wellness Counsellor

Physical wellness can enhance your health but has surprising benefits for other domains of wellness. Exercise can lead to powerful improvements to the mental, emotional, and spiritual domains of one’s life, and is a valuable tool for trained wellness counsellors to bring to their own lives and...
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Wellness Counsellor Employment Opportunities: Working with Corporate Wellness

Wellness counsellors help clients improve their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. This holistic approach to living well is endorsed by many organizations including the World Health Organization. Corporate wellness is one employment option for wellness counsellor graduates. In this...
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Learning to Stay in Balance at Rhodes Wellness College

Achieving balance in life can be incredibly empowering. It allows a person to feel at ease in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities, and to enjoy contentment. Helping clients attain this state of wellness is an important part of what wellness counsellors do, but in order to do...
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Physical Wellness Concepts for Students Completing a Diploma in Wellness Counselling

On the road to overall health and wellness, physical wellness is an important component. Body awareness, posture, exercise, body image, and nutrition are just some of the key components of physical wellness. All these facets play an important role in helping individuals achieve fulfilled, happy, and...
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Mental Wellness Concepts Students Use When Earning Their Diploma in Wellness Counselling

Wellness counsellors take a holistic approach and provide clients with strategies and techniques for improving physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness. Each one of these areas is essential in a client’s journey to achieving overall fulfillment. Mental Wellness then, is an essential...
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